Tuesday, April 19, 2011

"Portal 2:" Cake and Grief Counseling Will Be Provided

My review copy of "Portal 2" still hasn't arrived. To console myself as I await the arrival of Valve's follow up to their smash 2007 single-player, puzzle-platformer, I've been watching various clips of one of the greatest pop songs ever written for a video game, Jonathan Coultan's "Still Alive."

For the uninitiated, the song appears at the end credits of the game. It is sung somewhat sarcastically by the game's main antagonist, the artificial intelligence computer called Genetic Lifeform and Disk Operating System, or GLaDOS for short.

Here's the original end credits to the game:

And here's the song performed by its composer:

And still another by the University of Maryland's Gamer Symphony Orchestra (Who knew, right?):

And for sheer irony's sake, here's my favorite of the covers, the Gifford Children's Choir of Racine, Wis. There is something about a children's choir singing the part of a maniacal computer that just cracks me up:

"Portal 2" is in stores today for 360, Mac, PC and PS3.

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