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The Muppets Take Chicago Part Three

Prompted by the New York Times' story on Disney's attempt to revive the Muppet franchise (you can read that store here), this is the third and final installment of interviews I've done with various Muppets over the years (that is, unless Kermit finally returns my calls). 

Truth be told, excluding Prairie Dawn, Elmo is probably my least favorite Muppet. I just found the whole "Tickle Me Elmo" thing to be, well, a bit too needy. You know Elmo is going to need years of therapy when he grows up. I can just imagine him moving from one clingy, unhealthy relationship to the next, but I digress.

Please to enjoy this interview which ran in the Chicago Sun-Times Dec. 4, 2002:

Even the folks on "Sesame Street" aren't spared the last-minute frenzy to get everything ready in time for the holidays. Everyone's favorite red-haired monster, Elmo, took time out from his busy schedule of chicken-dancing and coloring with crayons to talk to us about his latest TV special, "Elmo's World: Happy Holidays." Co-starring talk-show host Kelly Ripa as a friendly mail carrier, the show is available from Sony Wonder on VHS ($12.98) and DVD ($14.98).

Q. How are you, Elmo?
Elmo: You have to forgive Elmo. Elmo is stuffed.

Q. You have a cold?
E. No, Elmo's stuffed from eating at Thanksgiving.

Q. What did you eat?
E. Turkey. Whatever you do, don't tell Big Bird.

Q. How old are you, Elmo?
E. Elmo is 31/2. Sometimes Elmo's mom says he's 31/2 going on 42 and then she laughs. Elmo doesn't know why that's funny, but Elmo laughs, too.

Q. What's going on in Elmo's World right now?
E. Elmo just learned about Kwanzaa and Hanukkah. Elmo got to meet Santa Claus and Miss Kelly Ripa. She has a lot of jobs. She's also on that show with Mr. Philbin, but that must only be part time because she's a mailperson, too.

Q. She delivers the mail?
E. Yes. Elmo got a Christmas card, a Hanukkah card and a Kwanzaa card.

Talk show co-host, appliance spokesperson and postal carrier Kelly Ripa.

Q. What do you think about Santa?
E. Santa hugged Elmo. He was just like Elmo imagined. Very giving. And a nice voice, too. Elmo got to sing with him. It was a pretty song.

Q. What did you learn about Hanukkah?
E. Elmo learned about the candles. They're really cool. You light them every night when Hanukkah starts. You get a gift every day, too. Elmo really likes that last part.

Q. And Kwanzaa?
E. They use candles, too. And they sing songs and have a lot of food, too. Elmo likes food.

Q. You also got to dance, right?
E. Yes. Eldio Rolim, a member of the African dance troupe BatatoYetu is a wonderful teacher. He taught Elmo this really cool African dance and helped Elmo make a real cool outfit that Elmo got to wear. It had shells and a grass skirt. Elmo's going to wear it for Halloween next year.

Q. Do you have a favorite holiday tradition?
E. Elmo loves them all. Elmo loves snow and stuff because Elmo can make snowmen and stuff. In fact, Elmo likes making things and giving them to all his friends and family.

Q. So are you done making your gifts for this year?
E. Elmo has maybe one or two more gifts left to make. Elmo hasn't finished Big Bird or Snuffy's. It takes Elmo longer because it takes more paper to draw them, they're so big.

Q. And what did you learn from all the holidays?
E. Elmo learned it's all about giving, but not just about gifts. It's about giving of yourself. Elmo knows it's more important to give than receive.

Q. Anything else to say?
E. Elmo wishes happy holidays to everybody. And be safe.

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