Friday, April 29, 2011

My gift to Will and Kate: other favorite TV weddings

Everyone needs some pop culture to discuss on their wedding night, right? So, in honor of the future king and queen of England's recent nuptials, here are some of my favorite TV weddings of all time. You may kiss the bride. Or not.

Always a trend-setter, Carol opts for a yellow wedding dress instead of off-white.
Mike and Carol, "The Brady Bunch"
"Oh, Mike. Thank goodness you saved the cake!" The story of a lovely lady with three girls and a man with three boys of his own kicked things off with a comedically chaotic second wedding for the widow and widower on Sept. 26, 1969.

And they said it wouldn't last (and it didn't)
Rhoda and Joe, "Rhoda"
Mary Richards (Mary Tyler Moore) may have been able to "turn the world on with a smile," but it wasn't enough to keep her from getting ditched at the altar. Her bestie Rhoda Morganstern beat Mary to the alter on Oct. 28, 1974. The nuptials were one of the highest-rated prime time television events in the 1970s, easily defeating the ratings king ABC's "Monday Night Football."

Can't wait to see the hate mail I get for posting this pic.

Kevin and Scotty, "Brothers & Sisters"
Contrary to public opinion, Kevin Walker and Scotty Wandell were not the first same sex couple to waltz down the prime time wedding aisle when they exchanged vows in the season two finale of the hit ABC show on May 11, 2008. American television's first gay wedding was actually on Oct. 20, 1991 on the critically-acclaimed, but little watched "Roc" when Roc's uncle married his partner. Still, Kevin and Scotty's big day brought big drama and ratings.
Sure, tragedy struck, but Blake saved a fortune on the open bar.
Amanda and Prince Michael, "Dynasty"
And speaking of drama...and royals....who could ever forget one of the greatest television cliff-hangers of all time, "The Moldavian Massacre" on "Dynasty?" The royal wedding of Blake and Alexis' daughter Amanda to Prince Michael of Moldavia occurred on May 15, 1985 and the over-the-top series topped itself when rebels crashed the wedding and opened fire on guests, caters, and the wedding party. The rebels turned out to be lousy shots, though. Despite all the bodies on the floor, only two minor characters were killed off when the series returned in the fall.

Well, at least the marriage has already been consummated.
Luke and Laura, "General Hospital"
Only on a soap opera would a rape survivor actually marry her rapist and have Elizabeth Taylor crash their nuptials. "LnL" (as soap opera chatroom folks refer to the couple) tied the knot on Nov. 16-17, 1981. 30 million viewers (the highest-ratings for a daytime soap every) didn't seem to mind that Laura wore white for her second wedding.

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