Thursday, April 21, 2011

News to go Gaga over

Sorry, Ms. G. We have one more Gaga/Madonna comparison.
Far too many people are comparing Lady Gaga to Madonna these days. One area where the comparison is warranted is in her ability to keep herself in the news cycles.

First up is "Perform This Way,"  the off again now on again parody of "Born This Way" by Weird Al Yankovic. Yankovic had original approached Gaga's people with the idea of doing a parody, played it for them and was promptly told essentially "thanks, but no thanks."

Whose music can't be improved with the addition of an accordion, we ask?
Yankovic had planned to release the track and video as a benefit for the Human Rights Campaign and once he got turned down, he posted the song on YouTube with a request that people donate to the gay rights group anyway (way to take the high road, Al!).

Yankovic blogged last night that Gaga had actually never even heard the song and the decision to say no had been made by a manager. We'll never know if that story is the truth or if Gaga reversed course after realizing the decision was generating some bad PR (you can guess which camp I'm in).  She has subsequently given her blessing and Yankovic will include the track on his soon-to-be-released CD.

You can listen to the track here:

Exactly where in Lima, Ohio does a gay kid find lobster heels? We digress...
And in other Gaga news, the "Glee" cast recording of "Born This Way" (to be seen and heard on the April 26 episode) has been "leaked." Here's the link:

Born This Way (Glee Cast Version) by Lady GaGa Brasil

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