Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Trigger Critic's Summer TV Preview

Just about ever show of the regular season has aired its season finale (or series finale in some cases). The first official holiday weekend of the Summer means the summer TV season is upon us. Behold all the shows that couldn't get a greenlight for the regular season and instead have their episodes burned off as the temperature rises.

It's no TV wasteland, though. Here's five new shows that have promise.

"Teen Wolf"
9 p.m. CST June 5 on MTV
You can blame the successful "Twilight" franchise for this one. The remake of the Michael J. Fox comedy is light on the laughs and heavy on the shirt-ripping abs (courtesy of 19 year-old Tyler Posey, who stars as the boychick turned hairy beast).

The object of many a "Teenage Dreams," the charming Darren Criss. 
"The Glee Project"
8 p.m. CST June 12 on Oxygen
It's like "American Idol," but the contestants are competing for a slot on the hit Fox show. "Glee" heartthrob Darren Criss (Blaine) mentors the would-be members of New Directions. Viewers should expect plenty of drama and the occasional showtune.

Matt Lucas and David Walliams as the cast of  "Come Fly With Me"

"Come Fly With Me"
10:30 CST June 18 on BBC America
The madcapped minds behind "Little Britain," Matt Lucas and David Walliams, return to their mockumentary roots with this stylish comedy about a low budget airline. The pair play just about 50 characters on the show. The HBO version of "Little Britain" didn't exactly win over American audiences, but the new show should find a niche.

"Falling Skies"
8 p.m. CST June 19 on TNT
For those of you who thought "The Walking Dead" was just too darn cheery, I give you TNT's "Falling Skies. It's a bleak look at America after an alien invasion that's equal parts "War of the Worlds" and Robert A. Heinlein's sci-fi classic The Puppet Masters.  Noah Wyle stars as a military history professor who has to put his book smarts to use as surviving humans begin to fight back. I've watch four episodes and I'm not quite sure what is more far fetched: The baby-faced Wyle as an action movie star or the baby-faced Wyle as the father of a 16 year-old son.

Still, Stephen Spielberg is executive producers, so hopes run high.

9 p.m. CST June 23 on FX
The American remake of the hit Australian comedy has Jason Gann reprising the title role as the dog Wilfred and Elijah Wood as Ryan, a suicidal neighbor who sees Wilfred as a grown man. It's quirky and could very well be the summer's must-see TV comedy.

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