Thursday, May 12, 2011

Please to share my obsession: Angry Birds comes to Google Chrome

Google Angry Birds image courtesy of 16eN
You now have another reason to ditch your other web browser in favor of Google's Chrome.

The bird-slinging, pig-smashing iPhone and Android sensation "Angry Birds" is now available as a free BETA download. Google is even promising a few exclusive levels, so fans of the game will definitely want to check it out.

You can download Google Chrome here.

After downloading and installing Chrome, open it and then download "Angry Birds" here.

Since it is a BETA, there are a few bugs. The biggest is the game won't let you proceed beyond level 20. They hope to have this issue resolved shortly.

And since you've now downloaded Chrome, you might want to take advantage of some of the other free games available for the browser. In the "get it before Nintendo flexes its IP rights" department, might I suggest "Super Mario Bros. Crossover?"
You can download it free here.

The game is just like the classic, albeit without the use of a controller (you use th arrow keys to move, Z to jump and X to attack instead).

You can opt to play as other famous video game characters, though. It was a little strange to run through the levels as "Metroid" heroine Samus, complete with all her powers (when she is rolling in a ball form, you can set bombs. It puts a new spin on how you complete some levels).

Regardless of who you select to play as, SMBC is a great time waster.

"I'm never gonna get any work done cuz of this game," one user commented on the download site board.

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