Monday, May 2, 2011

CYA: the Nordic edition (a k a Operation Asgard)

I agree: for a crazy homeless guy, he is pretty cut. 
Thanks to Friday's blockbuster "Thor," Chris Hemsworth will no doubt be the physical embodiment of the Norse god.
Kids today don't know how lucky they are.  The comic book superhero's publisher, Marvel, didn't seem to be very choosy when it came to licensing the character. Here's how the blonde superhero is remembered by Generation X:
First up, the crappy '60s "animated" cartoon based on the Marvel character. I put the word in quotes because  movement in the show was limited.  He didn't even get a groovy intro like "Spider-Man" did.

This cartoon aired well into the late '70s (Yes, kids. In the days before DVDs and illegal torrent downloads, things would run endlessly in re-runs and we were too naive to realize they weren't new).

The very Sicilian Vincent D'Onofrio opposite the Thor-obsessed Maia Brewton
And who could forget 1987's "Adventures in Babysitting." Though it scored points for some great Chicago locations, I still can't look at the Stone Container building without remembering Brewton sliding down the slided glass roof.

And then there was 1988's "The Return of the Incredilbe Hulk." Eric Allan Kramer.
The image I see in my nightmares.
In the famous words of Stan Lee, nuff said.

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