Friday, December 30, 2011

They aired "The Playboy Club" instead of this?

17th Precinct from ddt73 on Vimeo.

Ron Moore's "17th Precinct" was discounted by many sight-unseen as "CSI with wands." Alas, the show will never see the light of day. The pilot is up (for a limited time, no doubt) on Vimeo.

The nitty-gritty of it: set in an alternate world with no oil or electricity, cops use magic to solve crimes. This really isn't doing it justice, though. IMHO, the pilot showed much creativity and promise.

Did I mention Stockard Channing plays Detective Sergeant Mira Barkley? Stockard Channing! We loves Stockard Channing!

I can't help but thing this would have made a nice lead in to "Grimm" (the other NBC show you're probably not watching).

Thoughts? I'm all ears.

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